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Learn More About Mancuso Cleaning Services

Mancuso Cleaning Services has over 60 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. A lifetime resident of Red Deer, Paolo Mancuso, is the current owner and manager of the company. The business was started by Paolo’s father, an immigrant from Italy, in 1958.


According to the custom in his father’s hometown, Paolo started working in the family business when he was very young; and by the time he was eighteen, he was more than ready for his formal apprenticeship. By then, Paolo had discovered that not only was he good at his trade, but he loved it!


During those days, carpet and upholstery cleaning was overseen by a provincially recognized professional association. To become a certified cleaner, he accumulated 4,000 hours of cleaning in a cleaning plant under the supervision of a Certified Master Cleaner plus he passed an adjudicated, province-wide written final exam.


Since then, Paolo has continued to advance his education and skills, including completing his Bachelor of Education with a specialization in Home Economics. As a result of his specialization, in-depth textile education and wide-ranging work experience, he was accepted as a member of the Alberta Home Economics and Human Ecology Association.


Paolo is the go-to guy for a wide range of flooring issues and has been often called in for consultation on the cleaning of many types of floors. From the removal of acoustical sealant from a carpet to preparing a stone floor for epoxy, you can count on him to handle most of your cleaning needs.


He also has a background in theatre, and when he’s not cleaning, you’ll find him helping out at Central Alberta Theatre in a volunteer capacity.


Paolo is always interested in all that’s happening in Red Deer and surrounding areas. He will easily respond to your conversation about a wide range of topics, issues – anything that involves the district he loves! Contact Mancuso Cleaning Services for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Training and Education

The company always ensures a good practice when it comes to training and education. There is a lot of emphasis on ongoing training for employees as it equips the employees with the knowledge and skills that they require to carry out their tasks professionally.


Paolo Mancuso, the owner and manager, has an extensive and comprehensive educational background. In addition to a formal apprenticeship Paolo undertook as a young man, consisting of courses with adjudicated province-wide final exams and 4,000 hours of supervised practicum in a cleaning plant, he continued his training under Certified Master Cleaners until he attained the designation of Master Cleaner himself. He was not satisfied with even that high level of training, however, and completed his Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Alberta with one of his specializations in Home Economics. His undergraduate and post-undergraduate work was so extensive that, along with his comprehensive textile education, he was accepted as a member of the highly esteemed Alberta Human Ecology and Home Economics Association.


And his training doesn’t stop there. Over the years, he has continued to attend courses offered by the cleaning and restoration industries, sometimes studying for 5 to 7 days and travelling to cities in the United States to get the training he desired. He was one of the first to graduate from the now-famous DRIEAZE Flood House in Washington, and learn first-hand what happens when a structure floods and how to remediate it. Paolo was also amongst the first in North America to train in Infrared Thermography and wet structure instrumentation (Psychrometry).


Also, Paolo makes sure that his cleaning staff has similar training, learning and performing under his watchful eyes until they meet the set standards of the company.


Attention Homeowners/Business Owners

If you’ve had any bad experience of hiring a “professional” cleaner, only to be dissatisfied by the results, you can hire Paolo to consult on your textile or hard surface cleaning and maintenance requirements to correct the other cleaner's work and to avoid further disappointment.

Attention Other Carpet Cleaners/Restorers

The company is always open to professional cleaners who are struggling or else questioning what they’ve been taught by equipment and chemical manufacturers. Get in touch with us if you want to go beyond the one- or two-day certification courses you have taken or if you want to esteem yourself to a truly professional level. Whether it is mentorship or an on-location cleaning work, rest assured that you will receive Paolo’s guidance.

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