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Urine Decontamination Services in Red Deer

Mancuso Cleaning Services offers high-quality urine decontamination services in Red Deer. Pet urine stains in carpeting is an issue that requires in-depth cleaning treatment. Without proper treatment, it can lead to foul odour and permanent stains.


We have got the right cleaning solutions that solve your pet urine cleaning issues in a jiffy. Have no worries, if your pet urine might have soaked through to the carpet backing or pad underneath the carpet. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to remove pet urine odour and stains efficiently. Our pet urine cleaning solutions include:

  • Surface yarn treatment
  • Sub-surface flooding and disinfecting program
  • Comprehensive treatment to remove odours and harmful bacteria.


Urine chart

Depend on Us to Remove Pet Odours

Never hire an amateur to remove cat or dog urine stains. If you’re dealing with cat urine in an area rug, you must always hire a professional for the cleaning job. Cat urine is distinctive, as it is water-resistant making it difficult to remove the smell from a carpet or area rug. Our cleaning professionals have adopted a unique method to remove horrible lingering pet urine scent from your textiles.


On the other hand, dogs may leave unpleasant urine smells that may sink deep into your carpet for a decrease in the freshness and comfort of your home. Our in-depth carpet cleaning methods allow us to clean down into your area rug to remove the organic material that causes unpleasant odours.

Trust the Crew with Experience

We have over 60 years of experience in removing pet stains and odours, and we are ready to put the experience to work for you. Odours are just one of your concerns when it comes to maintaining your carpet and furniture. As part of our pet stain removal service, we have a wide range of cleaning solutions. We recommend that you have your carpet cleaned regularly, at least twice a year. Call us now for more assistance.


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