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Commercial Cleaning Services in Red Deer

Mancuso Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning services in Red Deer. When you hire us, you’ll have a company that takes cleaning to the next level. We take the time to build a cleaning plan based around your facility’s needs, your budget and limitations. Get in touch with us now for prompt, reliable, and trustworthy commercial cleaning services. We have achieved THE BENCHMARK STANDARD FOR THOROUGH CLEANING.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning Services

Are you looking for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning services in Red Deer? Look no further than Mancuso Cleaning Services. We use hot water extraction with genuine scrub wand cleaning for your carpets. Before we take up your project, Paolo Mancuso, our owner and manager, will visit your business, examine your carpet, and give you a quote on cleaning. He can also advise on general carpet care for particular type of carpets their installation needs.


Our professionals have the skills to efficiently dry carpets in any installation. We can also make sure your carpets are dry before the start of your business day. Early morning, evening or Saturday appointments are available.

In-House Staff and Equipment for Large Jobs

If you’re seeking a continually highly presentable and spotless working space, a regular carpet cleaning service is an absolute necessity. Our master and journeyman cleaners are well-equipped and come with a full fleet of truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment, which means we can accommodate even large commercial jobs within a reasonable time frame and still maintain our high standard of quality. And in circumstances where truck mounts are not applicable, we carry a series of high-performance electric portable equipment.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services

Are you looking for economical and skilled upholstery cleaning services in Red Deer? Look no further than Mancuso Cleaning Services. You don’t have to get rid of your old upholstery any longer – our cleaning services are so efficient that we ensure your upholstery is restored to its original condition. From the simplest boardroom chair to the fine furnishing of your commercial establishment, we can clean your whole range of upholstered office furniture easily and efficiently.


We have got the equipment and ability to clean upholstery made of all kinds of fabric. Also, we can provide cleaning for the upholstery of any material, including cotton, leather, nylon and more. Mancuso Cleaning Services has a cleaning plant in Red Deer, and we can undertake a job to clean furniture on-site or off-site, whichever is most appropriate based on your specific needs.


The professionals at Mancuso Cleaning Services use high-quality fibre protectants such as Scotchgard™ that more easily remove stains and spills. We advise our clients about the usage of fibre protectants. Usage of these products can help in deep cleaning, and save your time and money. We are skilled at matching the right textile to the right fibreprotectant. This means, we will apply them using hand sprayers in 2 coats, with a minimum 24-hour curing time between coats, for the best and most professional result possible.

Commercial Window Blind Cleaning Services

Mancuso Cleaning Services can handle all of your window blind cleaning needs in Red Deer. We have qualified staff that will come to your office, and carefully remove and tag your window blinds for cleaning at our cleaning plant. We can clean almost any type of window blinds including:






If you’re unsure about the type of window blinds you have, you can drop one off at our plant for assessment, or we can stop by your business and take a look. Our professionals will give you a quote on cleaning. Also, if you have got a large number of window blinds in your building. We also undertake minor repairs. Contact us now for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning

You can depend on Mancuso Cleaning Services for commercial tile and grout cleaning services in Red Deer. Our professionals have the necessary experience and equipment to clean your tile and grout using the best cleaning technologies available.


We use hard surface cleaning tools complemented with elbow grease to clean heavily soiled grout lines and the tiles that go along with them. Our services are available early in the morning, evening and on Saturdays by appointments.


The cost of restoring and cleaning a tile floor is less than the cost of floor replacement. We have a solution for your tile floor maintenance issues and will bring your tiles and grout lines back to almost-like-new condition. Talk to our experts for a consultation.

Commercial Cleaners

Mancuso Cleaning Services is a reliable commercial cleaning company in Red Deer.

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