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Indoor Air Quality

What is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? It's a term referring to air quality within homes and buildings as it relates to the health of occupants. It's affected by things like microbial contaminants (mould, bacteria), micro-particulates of soils (household dust) and other organic pollutants such as pet dander, tobacco smoke and dust mite faeces.

Mould Consultation and Referral If you suspect that you might have mould in your home or business, either because of what you see or what you smell, we can help. Our owner and manager, Paolo Mancuso, has extensive training and experience in locating, identifying and treating mould on your textiles or hard surfaces. And, if air testing is required to diagnose the level of contamination, he can refer you to local professionals to see the job to completion. High humidity and “Wet Basement” Readings Sometimes, your basement might have no visible signs of mould, but has a wet or musty smell that worries you. With specialized instruments, we can check various flooring and walls, including using our infrared camera if needed, to locate any water intrusion, such as groundwater seepage, a leaky pipe inside a wall, a leaky roof, or a bathroom with wet walls in the shower stall. Furnace “Cleaning” Education and Consulting Many homeowners get their furnace cleaned annually, believing they are improving the quality of the air in their home this way. But, are they really? As early as1994, The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation research division examined the efficacy of residential duct cleaning, and found that there were no significant improvements in things like house airborne dust after duct cleaning than before. (In the USA the Environmental Protection Agency did a more comprehensive study and came to similar conclusions.) We offer inspection and consulting services to determine how “dirty” your ducts actually are, often times resulting in savings of hundreds of dollars a year in costly furnace and duct “cleaning” services. Give us a call for more information.


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